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Frequently Asked Questions

[Q] Is there a cost to use

[A] No. There is no cost to utilize the services that are provided by is a completely free service to any person, corporation or organization looking for an accountant, accounting firm, auditor, bookkeeper or bookkeeping service.

[Q] How does find the right accountant for my business or personal needs?

[A] The preliminary information you submit to begins the process of identifying top accounting professionals that are most qualified to assist you with your accounting needs. A specialist or team of specialists will assist you in your selection of the most qualified and knowledgeable accounting professional(s) for your business or personal needs for absolutely free and without charge

[Q] Who are the accountants that offers to business owners and individual tax payers?

[A] will match you with an accountant or accountants that are selected based upon their educational background, years of experience, area of expertise, as well as professional accomplishments and affiliations that most closely reflect the parameters that are set by you. In short, will match you with the most qualified and experienced accountants that are the most knowledgeable and have a working knowledge of your business or personal tax issues.

[Q] Is the information that I provide kept confidential?

[A] All of the information you submit to remains confidential and is protected by the highest levels of security. The information you submit to will not be shared, sold or disseminated to any person, corporation or third-party entity.

[Q] How long does it take to receive a referral from

[A] It can take as little as a few seconds or as much as a few hours for to get back to you with a referral to a top accounting professional in your locale that can fulfill your accounting needs. If you need to speak with an accounting professional right away please call 1 (800) 505-7861 to speak with a live consultant.

[Q] Am I under any obligation to

[A] Absolutely not. We will establish a complimentary, free consultation on your behalf with the accountant or accountants that we identify for you.